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OCTOPUS (Status: 30%) is the new legacy studio project that addresses an important topic. It's not difficult to understand it, and we hope it can raise awareness and be used for educational purposes. Let yourself be transported into an atmospheric world with the desperate desire for an little octopus that wants to fix things. The world is in danger but we do not notice it. It seems too late but we can still fix things. A unique story of its kind, a new style of gameplay full of surprise that will lead the player to solve puzzles to save living beings. Octopus is one of a kind, sincere, direct, emotional.

Last News! (14 october 2019)
The second level is available! Please for any advice or bug type me on email or social.

Update (9 october 2019)
The first level is available to show its potential, but we have many things in store in the next update! Your support is important, follow us on our social and share this game with your friends. Write us on social for any advice or problem and we will be happy to answer you. Together we are stronger, we save the planet.

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